Beautiful Herb Decorated Ceramic Pumpkin

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Completely made by hand, not wheel thrown, I have used a gorgeous white stoneware clay for this piece, which fires a lovely creamy colour.

The pumpkin has been formed using the pinch method, glazed in shiny speckled white and fired to 1200 degrees centigrade, making this strong and durable.

Please note that each decal on this piece has been individually cut by hand, adhered to the surface before moving on to the next decal. This pumpkin has 4 herb decals around the piece. My handmade ceramics are priced to reflect the amount of time spent and materials used making each individual piece.

After two firings, the decals are applied to the pumpkin and then the piece is put back into the kiln for a third firing to fuse the decals to the surface.

This pumpkin measures approximately 6.4cm diameter x 7.0cm high

This has been made with care over several days and fired three times in the ceramic kiln.

Due to the handmade nature no two are identical, this adds to the charm of each piece.