Handpainted Floral Ceramic Flower Arranging Frogs

£18.00 / Sold Out

Flower frogs make flower arranging easy. Just place this handmade ceramic flower frog on top of a jar, glass, bottle, cup or mug and pop the flowers in through the holes. These are handmade and vary in design, thickness and finish.

If you have previously bought a flower frog from me, please note that these are a new design and do not have the piece on the back.

Both of these flower frogs have been made using creamy stoneware clay with a black underglaze transfer. I then handpainted the design in greens, red and yellow. Glazed in a transparent finish.

These flower frogs have 7 holes for your floral arrangements, measures 8cm wide.
The back is unglazed.

This has been made with care over several days and fired twice in the ceramic kiln to 1200 degrees making these strong and durable.

My handmade ceramics are priced to reflect the amount of time spent and materials used making each individual piece. The more detail each piece has the more work and time it has taken to make.

Due to the handmade nature no two are identical, this adds to the charm of each piece.