I am currently working on my next release, due by the end of May

Yellow/Purple Flowers Mini Ceramic Houses


I have made these mini ceramic houses using white clay with colourful glazes, clear has been used on the walls of the house and honey coloured glaze on the roof. These houses have details all the way round.

Measurements (including toppers):

Left house: 5.7cm x 3.0cm x 2.4cm

Middle house: 6.0cm x 3.2cm x 2.4cm

Right house: 6.0cm x 3.0cm x 2.2cm

These have been made with care over several days and fired twice in the ceramic kiln.

My handmade ceramics are priced to reflect the amount of time spent and materials used making each individual piece. The more detail each piece has the more work and time it has taken to make.

Due to the handmade nature no two are identical, this adds to the charm of each piece.

Please don't copy my work, it's so not cool.